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A Little Bit About Us

Ron’s Electric Motor Repair, Inc. was founded in 1971 by Ronald and Margie Maloney.  In 1981 the business was sold to Arlen (Ron’s son) and his wife Joy Maloney who have expanded the business to what it is today.  Maloney Enterprises was formed to encompass all the different things they do.

Arlen Maloney has years of knowledge of servicing electric motors, both single phase and three phase, crop dryer motors, aeration motors, phase converters, electric scooters and wheelchairs.  We have a wide variety of new and used electric motors in stock for immediate sale.

Maloney Enterprises is also the area distributer of Phase O Matic Converters with 5 hp to 60 hp available.  Arlen’s father, Ron Maloney, was the founder of KARAM Manufacturing which built the original Phase O Matic Converters, also on this farm sight.

In 1978 Arlen started the golf cart business when a customer brought in an electric golf cart to the motor shop and wanted to sell it. Thirty six years later Maloney Enterprises carries a large selection of electric and gas golf carts along with parts and accessories .  With golfing not what it used to be many of our sales today are to campers, cabin lots, large companies with multiple buildings, farm sights, and small town driving where lawful.

In 1995 a roll-back truck was added to easily transport carts to golf courses.  When law enforcement started calling for us to transport vehicles, the roll-back became the start of the towing and recovery service that now includes a flatbed, medium duty wrecker, 25 ton wrecker and a 50 ton wrecker used for semis and busses.  With winch outs of large farm equipment beginning to be more of the norm , Matt (Arlen’s son) and a friend drew up an idea on a napkin of an off-road recovery unit to be powered by our Bobcat.  They named it MORT (Maloney Off-road Recovery Toy).

Today Maloney Enterprises is still offering the same great service it did in 1971 when it was founded.  Along with selling golf carts we also have a full service and parts dept. to help with any needs that you may have. The towing has also expanded to 4 tow trucks, service truck, bobcat and many attachments that go with it like MORT! In 2015 we started venturing into ice and open water recovery and formed Maloney Water Recovery LLC. We are excited what the future has in store for us and our customers!