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Maloney Enterprises is a GROWING tow business in Southern Minnesota! Our fleet includes a crew cab 4×4 medium duty wrecker, an extended cab flatbed, a 50 ton wrecker, and a 25 ton wrecker.   For customer convenience, all of our trucks are capable of carrying multiple people, along with their vehicle.

With all of the winch outs and accidents of loaded semis and large farm equipment, Matt and a friend drew up an idea on a napkin of an off-road recovery unit to be powered by our Bobcat.  They named it MORT (Maloney Off-Road Recovery Toy).  It was featured in an article of the American Towman Magazine this past winter.  Check out our pictures of what this unit can do!

Equipment Lineup


Century 9055 – 50 Ton Aluminum Wrecker Body

2-50, 000 lb Winches
3 Stage Recovery Boom
55,000 lb underlift
Used for towing/recovery of anything heavy or with air brakes such as medium duty delivery trucks up to loaded tractor/trailer combos and motor homes


Kenworth T300 / 16 ton wrecker

 Capabilities of towing medium duty vehicles such as one ton utility trucks, fuel / box delivery trucks & motorhomes and empty t/t combos.


Chevrolet C5500 4X4 Crew Cab

Jerr-Dan 1210 Alunimum Wrecker Body
2-10, 000 lb Winches
6,500 lb Wheel-lift
Boss 9’2″ V Snow Plow (not shown)
Used for light/medium duty towing/recovery of vehicles from mid-sized cars up to medium duty delivery trucks with hydraulic brakes


International 4400 Ext Cab Flatbed / Rollback

23′ long aluminum bed w/ 16,000 lb capacity
8,000 lb side puller winching capabilities for extracting vehicles from ditch and accidents

Extended cab w/ bench seating for hauling people with their wrecked or broken down vehicles being towed to their destination
Capabilities of towing any size vehicles either AWD / 4×4 such as cars, suv’s, pickups and small farm equipment up to 16,000lbs.


M.O.R.T. – Maloney’s Off-Road Recovery Toy

Capabilities of off-road winching of vehicles, farm and construction equipment where there is no access because of wet conditions for heavy tow trucks / wreckers with the ease of a bobcat skidloader with rubber tracks and our custom winch attachment with 750′ of cable.
Vehicles such retrieved by M.O.R.T. are backhoes, farm tractors, 60,000 lb field sprayers, terr-a-gators, combines and loaded semis!